Programs for Job Seekers

HIRED offers dozens of no-cost programs for job seekers in any stage of work experience or career development. Job seekers could qualify for a program based on geography, income level, age or other circumstance. Other job seekers are referred to HIRED by other agencies. No matter what the entry point, HIRED counselors commit to wrap-around job support to move the job seeker to employment.

A Personalized Approach

HIRED’s mission is to nurture purpose and advance economic opportunity for all through individualized employment and career services. The first step in achieving this mission is to acknowledge each potential client as an individual, and to find the programs and services that will best meet his or her needs. To accomplish this, HIRED pairs each job seeker with an experienced employment counselor to help navigate the job seeking process.

Job Seeker Services

  • Career Planning
  • Skills Training
  • Job Shadowing
  • Placement Opportunities
  • Certifications
  • Employer Tours

Learn More

To find out which program will best serve your needs, either fill out the form below or  call the phone number below to discuss your circumstances and determine your eligibility.

Phone: 612-808-9500