911 Telecommunications

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911 Telecommunications

HIRED has collaborated with community partners from Hennepin Technical College; the City of Minneapolis; Hennepin, Ramsey, and Anoka Counties; sheriff departments; and emergency communication centers to develop a training program for careers in 911 Telecommunications. At a time of high demand for emergency response, we are working together to increase the pool of skilled applicants.

Training Details

Students will learn core competencies for 911 Telecommunications, including communication procedures, critical documentation, concepts in emergency situations, medical and safety dispatching, assessment, legal aspects, cultural awareness, and stress management. Job shadowing opportunities are also available to gain workplace exposure.

  • Length: 9 months
  • Location: Hennepin Technical College
  • Tuition: Free! Support services are also available
  • Qualifications: Reading, technology, and other assessments
  • Information Sessions: August 10th, 6 PM, Brookdale Library, Rm ABC; or Tuesday, August 22, 6 PM, St. Paul Police Western District, Community Rm

For more information, see our flyer or contact 911.Telecommunications@HIRED.org for an application for Fall 2017.