Support HIRED September 28th by Attending the Ninth Annual “Imagine the Possibilities” David Breen Memorial Golf Tournament!

Imagine the Possibilities was founded in September 2007 to honor David Breen and over the past nine years has donated over $130,000 to local and international charities. This year HIRED, nominated by Randy Doroff, was chosen to receive the proceeds from this year’s golf tournament. HIRED Board member since 2005, Randy Doroff has continually contributed his time and expertise to HIRED. His participation in events like the David Breen Memorial Golf Tournament gives others the opportunity to learn about HIRED and the innovative work we do in the Twin Cities.

Get out your clubs, bring your friends, and have a great time at the Edina Country Club for the benefit of HIRED! Click to see how you can get involved in the David Breen Memorial Golf Tournament.

Get to Know Robert Half, One of Our Most Committed Jobs Summit Sponsors

This week HIRED will host our eighth annual Jobs Summit fundraising luncheon, and each year our sponsors play a key role in making this event successful. Robert Half, a highly respected professional staffing agency, has been one of our most committed sponsors, supporting us since the Jobs Summit began in 2008. Robert Half understands the value in building a strong workforce, and has contributed more than $17,000 to help connect job seekers to employment in high-growth industries and occupations. Additionally, current HIRED board member, Chuck Squires, continues to provide guidance for our organization. Thank you for the past eight years, Robert Half, and here’s to many more!

Meet our Jobs Summit Platinum Sponsor, Associated Bank

The 2015 Jobs Summit is a week away and we could not have this annual event without the support of our generous sponsors. One company that has been a great benefactor in the past is Associated Bank. Over the past three years Associated Bank has contributed more than $55,000, which has helped low-income jobs seekers finish training programs and find employment. Additionally, David Prince serves on our board of directors and provides strategic oversight and guidance for our organization. So here’s to you Associated Bank, thank you for helping job seekers in our community!

Unique Career Opportunity – Minnesota Opportunity Corps and HIRED Need You

HIRED is excited to announce that we have been selected to host a Minnesota Opportunity Corps Employment Navigator for the 2015-16 program year!

The Minnesota Opportunity Corps is a strategic partnership between Serve Minnesota, ServeMinnesota Action Network, and a number of non-profit organizations in the nine-county Metro area coming together to use the power of national service to assist Minnesotans with economic barriers to become more self-sufficient by gaining and retaining living-wage jobs.

The program year will start October 5th, 2015 and members serve through August 20th, 2016. During your eleven-month service, members receive Global Career Development Facilitator training, on-going support, and professional development opportunities. In addition, members receive a modest living stipend, an education award of up to $5,730 and other benefits if eligible.

All Opportunity Employment Navigators will be trained to provide proven, best-practices experiences for partner organizations’ participants including the following:

  • Develop individualized career plan from interests and skills assessments with clear education and/or employment goals, while identifying barriers and their solutions.
  • Track progress of plan and supports while facilitating advancement and career progression.
  • Link support services, education/training providers, career and industry information, and employment opportunities.
  • Liaison between participant and the systems being accessed and their components.
  • Provide support and training in one-to-one and small group settings as needed for success. Work collaboratively with “service team” members, such as education providers, social services, industry representatives, and employers.


  • Must be 18 years of age, a US citizen, national, or legal permanent resident alien, and a high school graduate (or GED recipient).
  • Ability to commit to a full year of service (1720 hours for full-time members). Hours must be completed on or before August 20th, 2016.
  • Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Basic computer skills (word processing, internet, data entry, e-mail, etc.).
  • Ability to build relationships and work with people of different cultures and backgrounds.


How do I apply? Positions for the 2015-16 program year begin on October 5th. To read more about the program, including full position descriptions, and to apply, visit Questions? Contact or 866-859-2825.

Remember Esmeralda?

You may remember Esmeralda from last year’s Jobs Summit fundraising event. She fled an abusive situation in Mexico and came to the United States with no high school diploma and no work experience. But her strong desire to build a better life kept her going, sometimes on less than five hours of sleep each night.

Esmeralda shared her story at HIRED’s 2014 Jobs Summit in front of nearly 300 guests. Many had tears in their eyes as Esmeralda expressed her gratitude for their generous donations. Without them, she might still be cleaning hotel rooms and earning minimum wage, hardly able to support her two daughters.

We’re happy to report that since last year’s Jobs Summit, Esmeralda continues on her path towards financial stability and inspires others to do the same.Esmeralda2

Last week, Esmeralda passed a Trained Medication Aide exam, earning her two college credits and a promotion at St. Gertrude’s. She’s well on her way to earning a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) certification, which she plans to have by the end of 2016. She’s even referred her two younger sisters to HIRED and both have completed Certified Nursing Assistant training, just as Esmeralda did, through HIRED’s health care training program at Hennepin Technical College.

But wait – there’s more.

Esmeralda’s incredible story caught the attention of the Star Tribune, which featured her in an article this past summer ( Shortly after the article ran, a caring couple reached out to Esmeralda because they were touched by her strength in the face of adversity. They offered to sponsor Esmeralda’s continuing education and sent a check to cover tuition and books for her first semester of LPN training.

We are so proud of Esmeralda and wish her continued success.

Thank You HIRED Donors

On behalf of the thousands of individuals and families we serve, we’d like to extend our sincerest appreciation to the following for their support in the last couple of months:


Greater Twin Cities United Way, $88,000
Ameriprise Financial, $15,000
Associated Bank/Greater Twin Cities United Way “Winning Wallets”, $10,000
Xcel Energy, $10,000
Carlson Family Foundation “2014 Community Giving Campaign”, $4,832
RBC Wealth Management Foundation, $3,000
Rasmussen College, $500

Individual Donors

Bryan Anderson Dawn Hall Belinda Peterson
Justin Bacon Andy Handler Donald F. Peterson
Shalanda Ballard Peter Heegaard Marilyn Peterson
Timothy Bethke Diane Henderson-Hinderlie Andrea Petrash
Chuck Bies Susan and Brad Hewitt Kelly Pizarro
Nancy Buysse Nancy James Carol Rangel
Wei Ming Chiang Sara Jelinek Allan Rife
George D. Clabon Megan Johansen Mary K. Rivard
Doug Cocklin Venkat Kavasseri Jill Rudnitski
John Coffey Panod Klongtruatroke Jane Samargia
Patricia Corbett Valorie A. Knudsen Renée Schissel
Nancy Corcoran Christopher D. Krusmark Orville Schneewind
Teresa Crowe Chuck Ledermann Annaka Sikkink
Jeremy Davis Steve Marino Peter Silbaugh
Joseph Dieltz Christopher Mba Sue Smith
Barbara Doyle Leah McNamee Paul Standal
Tanya Dyer Kristin M. Mishra Ryan Stauff
Andre Eggert Teresa Nelson Anthony Stavig
Brenda Eng Lorraine W. Neuger Tejpal Thatte
Kishorekumar Erriboyina Rod Nooner Jim Thibodeau
Kari Felegy Alan Olson Michael Trucano
Paul P. Felegy Gretchen K. Olson May Vang
Joseph Fleischman Vickie Parks Donald Walker
Michael F. Friedman Bette Peck Lesma Whalon
Kirsten Gulbro Steven Peters Bridget Word

United Way Selects Eleven HIRED Families for Holiday Wishes Program

*UPDATE* Ronald has secured full-time employment as a machine operator and is very grateful for donors of the Holiday Wishes program. He just wrapped up his second week of work and has already asked to take on more responsibility in his new job. Congratulations, Ronald!

The holidays can be stressful for many of us, but particularly for families with little financial wiggle room. Fortunately, the Greater Twin Cities United Way and Pioneer Press have teamed up once again for the Holiday Wishes giving program. Holiday Wishes provides struggling families with gifts during the holidays, helping to stretch limited budgets and bring holiday cheer.

Among the 42 families selected by United Way to receive gifts this holiday season, eleven were nominated by HIRED. One of those families, the Schintz family, had a particularly challenging 2014. Responsible for the care of his two young children, Ronald Schintz worked hard to transition off of public assistance. He spent months juggling the demands of job search, school and raising young children until finally, he found an opportunity with Northern Iron and Tool. The job was physically demanding, and especially for Ronald as he suffered from congenital hip dysplasia. But it paid enough for him to become financially stable, so Ronald showed up for work each morning with a smile on his face. After only seven short months on the job, however, the company restructured and Ronald was laid off.

Ronald has found himself back at HIRED and despite his health issues, continues looking for work as a production worker in the manufacturing industry. As a part of the Holiday Wishes program, Ronald requested pajamas and cold-weather clothing for his two children, as one of their favorite activities is going to the playground. He’s also requested a pair of steel-toed boots for himself, which is a requirement for any machine operator position. Ronald remains committed to his job search and when he’s not filling out applications or meeting with this employment counselor, he soaks up as much family time with his children as possible.

“Ronald is going through a hard time right now and will really benefit from the help of United Way’s Holiday Wishes program” shares his employment counselor. “He is highly motivated to find work, diligent, and one of the most resilient individuals I have ever met.”

For more information about the Greater Twin Cities United Way Holiday Wishes program, please visit their website:



HIRED Awarded Two New Dislocated Worker Contracts

HIRED was selected to provide re-employment and job training resources to more than 350 laid off workers from Cargill and MakeMusic. “The circumstances are unfortunate – many of these people had been working at Cargill and MakeMusic for years before losing their jobs. But they have a great deal of talent and experience. Combined with the improving job market, we’re confident they’ll be able to get back to work,” shares Matt Derosier, Associate Director of Dislocated Worker Services.

HIRED was awarded a special grant from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development to serve each group of employees. To qualify for the award, HIRED was selected by an employee committee from each company after a competitive bidding process. Shares one former MakeMusic employee as to why HIRED was selected: “We like that HIRED personalizes its services. More than sixty people are losing their jobs at MakeMusic and we each have different plans for our future. Some want to start their own businesses while others want to go back to school.” She continues, “Choosing HIRED was a no-brainer for me. They have experience working with people in the IT field and really seemed to get our group.”

If you or somebody you know lost their job at Cargill or MakeMusic, please contact Ken Roberts, Project Manager, at 952-303-8310 or

Comcast Newsmakers Interviews Jane Samargia

Kevyn Burger of Comcast Newsmakers recently interviewed HIRED’s executive director, Jane Samargia. Jane discussed how HIRED’s employment and job training programs are addressing the needs of today’s changing economy.



Women at Wells Fargo Give Back

A group of civic-minded, compassionate women at Wells Fargo invited Jane Samargia to speak last week about the challenges facing young women in today’s labor market. After the presentation, the Wells Fargo group surprised us with a $500 donation. Thanks to all for your generous support!

Wells Fargo awards HIRED with $500 check