Dislocated Worker Education & Training

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Career Advantage Series

The CAREER ADVANTAGE SERIES is HIRED’s set of specialized strengths-based workshops designed to give you competitive advantage in your own job search process. Facilitated by industry leaders, you’ll gain current tips and skills to put your best you forward. To register for any of these workshops, please contact your HIRED employment counselor.

Ask Your Counselor about Online Job Search Coaching

HIRED’s inspiring Online Job Search Coaching Video and Webinar Series program will enhance and reinforce your one-on-one experience with your individual employment counselor. Learn more about the HIRED online coach by watching this demo video. If you like what you see, ask your HIRED counselor to sign you up for the online tools & live webinars.

The Online Job Search Coaching System serves as the framework for the instructor-led Job Webinar Series. It is available through any internet connection, 24 hours a day! Get what you need when you need it.

Custom Job Search Workshop and Seminar Series

This collection of HIRED sponsored classes and seminars represent regularly scheduled offerings from the HIRED Sponsored Workshop Series. These classes and seminars will help you learn to demonstrate your strengths, clearly communicate your skills and what you desire in a successful job search. You will construct a targeted resume, improve your interviewing skills, utilize social networking and ultimately learn how to identify your brand. In class you will learn to write your message. You will learn to communicate verbally and non-verbally in personal introductions and of course, your elevator speech or 60-second pitch. See your employment counselor for additional classes to assist in your job search.

Project Management, Business Analysis, and Business Process Management

Watermark Learning is offering the classes and programs below. Read also about their Dislocated Worker Program. Click on the links below to learn more about these classes.

Note: All these classes count towards their Masters Certificate programs for those clients who have the funding for additional training.








For more information contact Nancy Larsen, Watermark Learning, at 952-921-0900 x212 or Nancy.Larsen@WatermarkLearning.com.

Information Technology

  • Classes in business applications, development, design, and more
  • Computer Networking

ITIL Training and Certification

Explore training and certification programs through multiple local training schools:

ITT Technical Institute (BenchmarkLearning):

New Horizons:

Quality Management

Quality management uses quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve more consistent quality.


Additional Training

In addition, through our partnerships with local colleges, HIRED can arrange customized training opportunities for you and your colleagues. These customized training programs allow you to bypass the traditional college calendar, and develop specific skills needed to advance in your chosen occupation. For example, HIRED has recently coordinated customized training leading to certifications in computer skills, healthcare, project management and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Approved Training FAQs

Q: How long does it take for approval once I submit a completed training proposal?

A: Approval for an authorized training program will take place within 24 hours.

Q: Can I choose my own school?

A: Yes. If your choice of schools is supported by the documentation within your training proposal, your counselor will typically agree with your choice.

Q: Will you pay for a 4 year degree?

A: The goal of the program is to get Minnesotans back to work as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, taking time and money to earn a complete 4 year degree is not possible while enrolled in this program. If you are close to completing a degree or certification, we will consider financial assistance while you complete coursework. Otherwise, your counselor will encourage you to explore a shorter-term program that will offer the enhanced skills necessary for you to become competitive in this job market.

Q: What if I accept an offer for employment after I’ve enrolled in training?

A: No problem. We understand if you must quit your training program for the new job. However if at all possible, we encourage you to continue attending your pre-approved classes. Check with your counselor and explore alternatives to ensure that dates and times of your training do not conflict with your new priority – your new job!

Q: Will you pay for training out of state?

A: Typically, yes. Just as with any other training options, if you and your counselor agree that a program offered by an out-of-state provider is your best option, it can be approved by your counselor. Your counselor will caution you on the added expenses typically associated with traveling and lodging and ask that you present a plan to cover the extra expenses that are disallowed by the DW program.

Q: Will you pay for online classes?

A: Yes, a wide variety of training and certification programs are offered online today. As with any other training plan, work with your counselor to explore your options and if the online method is the optimum, it too can be approved by your counselor.

Explore Career Training and Educational Options

No matter your age, occupation or level of experience, in today’s job market education and training opens doors – positioning you ahead of the competition. Whether you’re looking to enhance your business skills, improve your project management knowledge or grow your technology expertise, we can help.

We’ll help you assess your education and training needs, and discuss the options that will best help you meet your career goals. Your HIRED counselor can connect you to a variety of certificate, diploma and degree programs offered online and at public and private colleges convenient to you.

Explore the training opportunities offered by some of our well known training partners such as Hennepin Technical College, University of St. Thomas, North Hennepin Community College, TechSkills, Normandale Community College, Center for Professional Development@ITT Technical Institute (formerly Benchmark Learning), Saint Paul Community College, University of Minnesota, Easel Solutions and Watermark Learning.