Dislocated Workers

Professional African American woman smilingSpecial dislocated worker projects are created by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development when 50 or more workers are laid off from a single company. Representatives of the affected workers then select a certified service provider through a competitive proposal process. To see a list of the special projects HIRED has been selected to operate, including current dislocated worker programs, click here.

Formula dislocated worker projects are provided for workers affected by layoffs of less than 50 people.

To determine your eligibility for participation in a HIRED dislocated worker program, contact your nearest HIRED office.

Dislocated worker programs are supported by the City of Minneapolis, Ramsey County Workforce Solutions, Hennepin County, Dakota County, and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development using Workforce Investment Act, State Dislocated Worker and other funds.

If you’d like to to see our calendar of upcoming workshops and learning opportunities for dislocated workers, please click here.