Green Construction Trades Course

HIRED and American Workshop have partnered to offer the Green Construction Trades Course. This 128 hour course (4 weeks) covers a variety of topics that give students exposure to various aspects of today’s construction industry. The course is designed to give students in-demand green construction skills that will make them excellent candidates for entry-level or mid-level construction positions. Whether you want to learn construction basics or develop an existing set of skills, the Green Construction Trades Course will give you marketable skills you need to advance your career in construction.


Each day, students will develop skills in a new topic while learning about codes and regulations, practicing relevant woodworking skills, and receiving one-on-one instruction from industry professionals. Students will also have the chance to earn valuable industry recognized credentials.



Dates: March 2-26

8 AM- 4 PM, Monday-Thursday

Location: TBD

To begin registration contact:

Tony Basch
(952) 697-1329


Integrated CNA Training



HIRED and Hennepin Technical College are offering a 2-step training program for a career in nursing.

Students having some fun in the HTC lab

Students having fun during a CNA training at HTC

The training offers training in CNA certification, career development, and strong connections to potential employers in the healthcare field.

Students will be introduced to nursing assistant tasks and challenges, skills, health, nutrition, safety, and basic medical terminology to begin pathways in healthcare careers.

FastTRAC Healthcare Schedule

Location: Hennepin Technical College

Eden Prairie campus

Dates: March 19-April 30

Mondays/Tuesdays, 1:00—5:20 PM (Required Study Sessions)

Thursdays, 1:00—4:30 PM

Clinicals: May 12-14 from 2:00—9:50 PM




If you would like to learn more about the program or determine your eligibility please contact:

Andrea Peterson
(952) 697-1366

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