Since 1968

HIRED was originally established in 1968 to help ex-offenders find employment and avoid returning to criminal behaviors. In 1976, the organization’s mission expanded to assist a wide range of job seekers to become qualified for and obtain employment.

Federal & State Program Partnerships

Since the late 1970s, HIRED has delivered services under every major state and federal employment program including:

The Comprehensive Employment and Training Assistance program (CETA) operated from 1973 to 1982 as a federal program designed to assist economically disadvantaged, unemployed or underemployed persons.
The Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) was a federal program launched in 1982 as the successor to CETA.
The Minnesota Emergency Employment Development program (MEED) was a state-funded program designed to reduce unemployment through six-month wage subsidies for targeted new employees in the public and private sectors. HIRED operated several large MEED programs in the Twin Cities area and in cooperation with organizations in greater Minnesota.
STRIDE was a Minnesota welfare reform effort established in 1989 to provide opportunities to parents on welfare nearing the end of their eligibility to obtain education and job training.
The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) superseded JTPA in 1998. WIA focused on streamlining services through better integration at the street level in the One-Stop delivery system. HIRED was among the first non-profit providers to become a partner in the Minnesota’s WorkForce Center (One-Stop) system and has operated these programs continuously since 1998.
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of July 2014 focuses on improving the public workforce system. It strives for a more job-driven approach to training and skills development by building closer ties among business leaders, workforce boards, labor unions, community colleges, and non-profits, and state and local officials. HIRED has extensive experience working within these broad collaborations and operates WIOA programs at several sites throughout the Twin Cities area.
The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) is the state’s welfare reform program. It helps families and pregnant women who have low income go to work and move toward financial stability. The program provides employment services and income assistance. HIRED has provided MFIP services in several locations in the Twin Cities area since Minnesota’s MFIP pilot began in 1994.

Through these state and federal programs – and the support of private funders and the Greater Twin Cities United Way – HIRED has consistently assisted people in our community who are striving to support themselves and their families. We have taken our services to correctional facilities, high schools, community centers and businesses. Today, HIRED assists nearly 9,000 individuals annually from sites throughout the Twin Cities.


HIRED is a leader in the use of technology to increase efficiency and to provide corporation-wide data that supports a culture of analysis. A forerunner of today’s focus on career pathways and sector initiatives, in 2004, HIRED, Hennepin Technical College and local manufacturing companies developed a demand-driven and employer-focused training program for the next generation of workers in the precision manufacturing industry. M-Powered has won numerous awards and has been a model for both domestic and overseas programs.