HIRED Joins Local Effort to Foster a Peaceful Middle East, One Citizen at a Time

Pictured are the Fellows attending a job search workshop at HIRED, alongside HIRED clients.

While in the Twin Cities, the Fellows attended a workshop at HIRED, along with HIRED clients. The workshop gave the Fellows perspective on workforce development strategies in the U.S.

Business, science, health care and media leaders from the Middle East visited the Twin Cities this summer as part of Hamline University’s Middle East Education to Employment Fellowship Project.  As part of the project, the Fellows visited a number of local businesses and nonprofit organizations, including HIRED.

While at HIRED, the Fellows took part in a workshop for job seekers, and had the opportunity to learn about workforce development in the United States.  By creating cultural and business ties, the Fellows hope to bring peace to their respective homelands, which include Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.  More information about the project can be found in two recent articles by Neal St. Anthony of the Star Tribune, posted here and here»