HIRED Staff Members Select Peers for MVP Awards

The 2012 Summer Olympics reminded us that there are champions among us, accomplishing great things despite the obstacles placed before them. 

In that same spirit, three HIRED employees were presented with MVP Awards at the organization’s staff meeting.  The winners were:

Photo of Emily, MVP Award WinnerEmily Lodermeier:  About Emily, a peer wrote, “She is incredibly helpful, always willing to go out of her way to make your job easier and is someone you can always rely on to do a stellar job.”


Photo of MVP Award WinnerBea Officer:  A fellow staff member wrote, “Bea goes out of her way to make sure her clients and coworkers are receiving the best possible support at all times.”



Yer Xiong:  About Yer, a staff member wrote, “Yer is an important part of the team who helps give us the reputation of excellence for which we are known.” 



The MVP Award program recognizes staff members for exceptional contributions towards fulfilling HIRED’s mission of providing personalized and innovative work solutions.  Award winners are selected by their peers.  The three August winners are all from HIRED’s Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) Division.

Congratulations to each of the MVP Award winners, and thanks for all you do on behalf of HIRED’s clients.  Much like our Olympic champions, their dedication to excellence is an inspiration to us all.